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Re-Doing Furniture: The Basics

1 Jul

The last few months I’ve been re-doing a lot of furniture & decor, and have come up with a short list of must-know basics when it comes to successfully redoing a piece of furniture.

1. Use the Best Paint

Unfortunately there aren’t any shortcuts in painting – I’ve tried. For furniture, use Sherwin-Williams ProClassic paint. It dries like an enamel, is washable and lasts for a long time. Use rollers when you can – it is way easier than a brush. But you will need a brush for small things and corners.

2. K.I.S.S. Rule

KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE. A rule I learned from my boss at work, but it applies to more than just marketing. When you find a wonderful antique dresser at an estate sale, and decide you want to re-paint and finish it, don’t decide that you will paint each drawer a different color and put a pattern around the border. A beautiful piece is just that – and doesn’t need to look as done up as a two-cent hooker! Find one pallet, one idea, and go with it. My favorite place for inspiration is Design*Sponge.

3.  Cutest Little Finishing Touches

When redoing any piece that requires hardware, such as knobs or handles, finding the perfect little finisher can be tough. This is why I love Anthropologie, a place where every cute little thing has been rounded up and put into one place. The furniture from Anthropologie is amazing and expensive, but their knobs, hooks, handles and other hardwares are amazingly priced – most under $12!

4. Designer Textiles

If you are redoing any piece which requires fabric, it can be hard to find decently priced designs. For the most part, JoAnns is a complete let down when it comes to modern, designer-like textiles. However I have found a glorious gem we have all heard of: Ikea. They have a large selection of fabrics in so many styles and patterns, you’ll have trouble choosing (and they are a bargain!). Unfortunately, you can’t really browse online for them because their website is awful. Head down to Ikea with a project in mind and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Re-do a Corner for $25

25 May

I recently decided I was very bored with my room, and wanted a change. But I didn’t want to go out and spend the big bucks, I really wanted to just re-do something in my room.

So, I re-did my room corner. It took me 2 hours and $25.

This is what you will get:

What you need:

– Old pictures frames (from Value Village or your garage)

– An small end table (mine was from Ikea, “Lack”, $7)

– 2 cans of white spray paint in Flat

– 1 can of black spray paint

– A cool stencil for your design (mine was from JoAnns for $4)

– A little bit of black paint to touch up

– Bright, patterned paper

So, it’s really simple. You spray paint the entire table in white. While it’s drying, spray paint the picture frames white. Don’t worry about getting the glass painted, the paper goes on top of the glass in the frame so it doesn’t matter. Now take your stencil and gently tape it to the table’s surface. Spray paint the black over the stencil, directly above, and not too thick or it will drip and smudge your design. Let it dry and use the black paint to touch up the design if needed. Cut the paper to fit into the frames and glue them on top of the frame’s glass.

And, walla! A brand new, designer like corner for $25 or less. Post any questions or suggestions in the comments!

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