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Before & After: Mediterranean Bookshelf Make-Over

19 Jun

I have been helping my mom clean out her basement recently, which included 8 bookshelves FULL of video tapes. In 2010, there is nothing to do with that many video tapes but get rid of them. But the bookshelves are great quality, and I took a liking to one in particular. Though it was a horrid brown color before which hid the cute detailing, I saw potential.

Inspired by the many make-overs on the Design*Sponge, I decided to do a bold colored paint job on this sad little bookshelf. The blue I used is “Turkish Tile” from Sherwin Williams, and the white is just a stock white (ProClassic paint at SW is the best for furniture!).

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!!!


Quick Way to Spruce Up your Home Office

27 May

I just loved seeing something similar to this on the Design*Sponge Blog (basically my favorite interior design blog). A bright, modern pattern with accent colors–something I’m very in to right now.

So I took my old, ugly photo board (which I used to tack papers, cards, photos, etc.) from my home office & gave it a face-lift.

Simple steps:

  1. Take out all ribbons/buttons from board. Stretch fabric over board (very tightly!) and flip over.
  2. Using a staple gun (a light weight one) staple down the fabric.
  3. Flip board back over. Staple down any places on board where old buttons were previously (to give it the indent look).
  4. Glue buttons down on top of staples.

Enjoy! Please email your pictures of your home improvement projects to: n.jarmick (at) gmail.com

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