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Fall Fashion Finds: Blue & Beige

10 Sep

This fall my favorite colors…by far…are blue & beige. Dark, bold blues are popping up everywhere, as well as nude pinks and tans. The best things about these colors? They pair perfectly with any staples you have in your wardrobe, and can be dressed up and down with simple, sophisticated styling.

So here are my favorite fashion finds I have found browsing over the past month:

These Steve Madden ballerina flats look even more dazzling in person. They can be paired with a dark wash skinny jean or dressed up with your favorite LBD. Perfect to throw in your purse on a night out when you know the heels you are wearing will be coming off mid-party. They are on sale for $30 at DSW.com right now (normally $70)!


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Social Fashion: Polyvore

3 Sep

So I came across a definite online gem: Polyvore. Not only is this site absolutely fabulous, but it is a genius marketing tool.

So here is the run down of the site:

  • You sign up in 2 seconds (awesome)
  • You drag the bookmark to your toolbar
  • You can “clip” any image from websites, like a scarf or bootie you just LOVe
  • You can create sets to see how different clothes/shoes/jewelry look together (similar to a page out of a fashion magazine…)
  • You can ask for advice of other users on trends and more
  • You can share everything on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & more

So basically it’s every fashionable girls dream: you can be your own stylist, and get the advice of a huge community of fashion enthusiasts.

The marketing GENIUS part:

  • Different retailers can sponsor the site, so that their “sets” are featured. They blend in with the user content and don’t stand out like most online advertisements do.
  • The site brings in a user-base of extremely passionate people, who WANT to spend lots of money on the material items being featured on the site. No convincing necessary, just some searching required for the right cut on that bootie.
  • You can click on individual items in each set, no matter who created it, and then purchase the item.
  • User can express themselves, spend lots of money, and advise others on how to spend lots of money. GENIUS!

…And being a bit obsessed with overpriced shoes myself, I decided to try it out and create my own set. It took my 15 minutes, and I posted to to my Facebook & Twitter in a flash. Check it out below, and go here to see it on Polyvore.

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