The ROI Obsession

14 Oct

I recently read an article which assigned actual dollar values to social media actions. This Eventbrite blog post explains how they valued our tweets, status updates & emails:

“When someone shares an event with their friends through social media, this action results in real dollars. Our most recent data shows that over the past 12 weeks, one share on Facebook equals $2.52, a share on Twitter equals $0.43, a share on LinkedIn equals $0.90, and a share through our ”email friends” application equals $2.34. On an aggregate level across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and our email share tool, each share equals $1.78 in ticket sales. We’re seeing this number improve every week with the most recent four-week average equaling $1.87.”

Finally! A legitimate value placed on social media. And I’m not excited because we can prove that there is real ROI involved; I’m excited because now us crazy creative marketers can shove this onto the desk of our clients who’s only concern is turning every marketing dollar spent immediately into two dollars earned.

What these business owners and executives refuse to accept is that social media is NOT about ROI, it is about engagement. It isn’t about page views, clicks or conversions. It is about creating a loyal, engaged online community. What is the value of each brand-obsessed user? How much would a company shell out to purchase a large community of engaged, loyal consumers?

Look at the companies that understand social media: Starbucks, Apple, Google and even Old Spice. Visit their Facebook or Twitter page. You’ll never find Starbucks tweeting daily about products and shouting at followers. They are engaging, which most importantly requires listening.

So marketers, lets bookmark this article and send it off whenever our client starts throwing out their three favorite letters. Don’t let that chain of command of the Fortune 500 company stop you from using social media the right way. Ready, set, engage!


Fall Fashion Finds: Blue & Beige

10 Sep

This fall my favorite colors…by far…are blue & beige. Dark, bold blues are popping up everywhere, as well as nude pinks and tans. The best things about these colors? They pair perfectly with any staples you have in your wardrobe, and can be dressed up and down with simple, sophisticated styling.

So here are my favorite fashion finds I have found browsing over the past month:

These Steve Madden ballerina flats look even more dazzling in person. They can be paired with a dark wash skinny jean or dressed up with your favorite LBD. Perfect to throw in your purse on a night out when you know the heels you are wearing will be coming off mid-party. They are on sale for $30 at right now (normally $70)!


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Social Fashion: Polyvore

3 Sep

So I came across a definite online gem: Polyvore. Not only is this site absolutely fabulous, but it is a genius marketing tool.

So here is the run down of the site:

  • You sign up in 2 seconds (awesome)
  • You drag the bookmark to your toolbar
  • You can “clip” any image from websites, like a scarf or bootie you just LOVe
  • You can create sets to see how different clothes/shoes/jewelry look together (similar to a page out of a fashion magazine…)
  • You can ask for advice of other users on trends and more
  • You can share everything on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & more

So basically it’s every fashionable girls dream: you can be your own stylist, and get the advice of a huge community of fashion enthusiasts.

The marketing GENIUS part:

  • Different retailers can sponsor the site, so that their “sets” are featured. They blend in with the user content and don’t stand out like most online advertisements do.
  • The site brings in a user-base of extremely passionate people, who WANT to spend lots of money on the material items being featured on the site. No convincing necessary, just some searching required for the right cut on that bootie.
  • You can click on individual items in each set, no matter who created it, and then purchase the item.
  • User can express themselves, spend lots of money, and advise others on how to spend lots of money. GENIUS!

…And being a bit obsessed with overpriced shoes myself, I decided to try it out and create my own set. It took my 15 minutes, and I posted to to my Facebook & Twitter in a flash. Check it out below, and go here to see it on Polyvore.

Re-Doing Furniture: The Basics

1 Jul

The last few months I’ve been re-doing a lot of furniture & decor, and have come up with a short list of must-know basics when it comes to successfully redoing a piece of furniture.

1. Use the Best Paint

Unfortunately there aren’t any shortcuts in painting – I’ve tried. For furniture, use Sherwin-Williams ProClassic paint. It dries like an enamel, is washable and lasts for a long time. Use rollers when you can – it is way easier than a brush. But you will need a brush for small things and corners.

2. K.I.S.S. Rule

KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE. A rule I learned from my boss at work, but it applies to more than just marketing. When you find a wonderful antique dresser at an estate sale, and decide you want to re-paint and finish it, don’t decide that you will paint each drawer a different color and put a pattern around the border. A beautiful piece is just that – and doesn’t need to look as done up as a two-cent hooker! Find one pallet, one idea, and go with it. My favorite place for inspiration is Design*Sponge.

3.  Cutest Little Finishing Touches

When redoing any piece that requires hardware, such as knobs or handles, finding the perfect little finisher can be tough. This is why I love Anthropologie, a place where every cute little thing has been rounded up and put into one place. The furniture from Anthropologie is amazing and expensive, but their knobs, hooks, handles and other hardwares are amazingly priced – most under $12!

4. Designer Textiles

If you are redoing any piece which requires fabric, it can be hard to find decently priced designs. For the most part, JoAnns is a complete let down when it comes to modern, designer-like textiles. However I have found a glorious gem we have all heard of: Ikea. They have a large selection of fabrics in so many styles and patterns, you’ll have trouble choosing (and they are a bargain!). Unfortunately, you can’t really browse online for them because their website is awful. Head down to Ikea with a project in mind and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Before & After: Mediterranean Bookshelf Make-Over

19 Jun

I have been helping my mom clean out her basement recently, which included 8 bookshelves FULL of video tapes. In 2010, there is nothing to do with that many video tapes but get rid of them. But the bookshelves are great quality, and I took a liking to one in particular. Though it was a horrid brown color before which hid the cute detailing, I saw potential.

Inspired by the many make-overs on the Design*Sponge, I decided to do a bold colored paint job on this sad little bookshelf. The blue I used is “Turkish Tile” from Sherwin Williams, and the white is just a stock white (ProClassic paint at SW is the best for furniture!).

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!!!

DIY: Floral Wall Shelves

4 Jun

I had leftover spray paint from a previous project, and felt a bit crafty. So I drove on down to Value Village and picked up two wall shelves. both needed a major makeover. For about $3 each, plus the cost of green and purple paint for the design, I created cute & simple wall shelves. Thanks to the Design*Sponge blog for giving me this original idea.

Did you take this idea and run with it? Please post your comments/suggestions/links to pictures below!

Quick Way to Spruce Up your Home Office

27 May

I just loved seeing something similar to this on the Design*Sponge Blog (basically my favorite interior design blog). A bright, modern pattern with accent colors–something I’m very in to right now.

So I took my old, ugly photo board (which I used to tack papers, cards, photos, etc.) from my home office & gave it a face-lift.

Simple steps:

  1. Take out all ribbons/buttons from board. Stretch fabric over board (very tightly!) and flip over.
  2. Using a staple gun (a light weight one) staple down the fabric.
  3. Flip board back over. Staple down any places on board where old buttons were previously (to give it the indent look).
  4. Glue buttons down on top of staples.

Enjoy! Please email your pictures of your home improvement projects to: n.jarmick (at)

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